Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring/Summer 2011 Course Offerings

On Campus Courses:

HIST 3416: War and Peace, 1648-1919 3cr           02 May-19 May
Steve Connor
HIST 3717: Russian History, 1917-1991 3cr           24 May-14 June
Steve Connor
HIST 3926: History and Historians 3cr                    02 May-15 June
Mark Crane

Distance Learning: 

HIST 2005: Canadian Social History 6cr                 01 May-31 Aug
Instructor T.B.A
HIST 2105: History of Medieval Europe 6cr            01 May-31 Aug
Instructor T.B.A
HIST 3426: England, 1460-1560 3cr                       01 May-31 Aug
Instructor T.B.A

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