Monday, January 24, 2011

History Club announcements

From Amanda Van Lanen:

Seminar Series: January 28 (4:30 pm) with the roundtable "Did 1968 Happen in Canada?" Robin Gendron, Catherine Murton-Stoehr, and Katrina Srigley of Nipissing's Department of History will discuss the degree to which Canada experienced the sense of imminent, profound social change that has become known as "The International '68".

Facebook Group Discussion: How do you feel about the choices in course offerings offered in the History Department? Is there a good variety of courses? What courses would you like to see?

Fourth Year Dinner: TICKETS SALES WILL END ON WEDNESDAY JANUARY 26TH AT 4:00 P.M. History Majors and Professors Fourth Year Dinner, Friday January 28th at 6:00 P.M., Room: A246 (Small cafeteria), Pasta Buffet/Cash Bar, Cost $5. If you need to get a ticket, find Amanda or Kimmy, email, or stop by room R204 between 11:00-4:00 on Tuesday to pick one up.

New Meeting Time: We are now meeting on Wednesday at 11:00 A.M. in room R204. The next meeting is on Wednesday February 2nd and all are invited.

Looking ahead: I know it is still early in the year but if ANYONE is interested in taking up a position in next years History Club as an executive. There will be more information coming and a decision will not take place until March, but it is something to think about!

Just as a note: There will be a survey coming out through the university concerning scheduling. Please keep an eye out for this survey. We do not know when it is coming out or for how long, so this is all of the information I can give you.

Amanda Van Lanen