Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Nathan Kozuskanich co-authors a brief for an upcoming US Supreme Court case

Dr. Nathan Kozuskanich writes:
I am sending you a link to a press release announcing the release of an amicus brief I co-authored with Jane Calvert of the University of Kentucky for the upcoming US Supreme Court case, McDonald v. City of Chicago. This is the second case relating to the Second Amendment to hit the Court in the past two years (the first being the Heller case--my published research was cited as an authority in several Heller briefs last year).
The Second Amendment to the US Constitution is the much-contested one guaranteeing the right to bear arms; what that means is the subject of Dr. Kozuskanich's brief. An "amicus brief" is an argument submitted by "friends of the court," people with an interest in the case even though they were not involved in it originally. This brief is based on detailed research on the historical context of the Bill of Rights.

You can read the brief here.