Friday, December 18, 2009

Next year's first History Department Seminar, Friday Jan. 8

Jamie Murton writes:

Before you go away for the holidays -- make plans to attend the first History Department Seminar Series of the new year. The History Department is very proud to present one of our former graduate students, Yvonne Hunter of McMaster University, speaking on:

"Cold Columns: Anne O'Hare McCormick and the Origins of the Cold War in The New York Times (1920-1954)."

Friday, Jan 8, 2:30 pm, in room A226.

Yvonne's paper considers Anne O’Hare McCormick, the Pulitzer-winning political correspondent for The New York Times, who might correctly be considered one of the first prominent intellectual Cold Warriors of the twentieth century. Using biography, published writings, and private correspondences, this project considers how one prominent women correspondent from the east coast media helped to shape political discourse and policy itself prior to and during the Cold War.

See you there!