Friday, July 17, 2009

New books from the department (Katrina Srigley and Françoise Noël)

This fall we will see two books from members of our History faculty -- both have been announced by their publishers.

Dr. Katrina Srigley
's first monograph, Breadwinning Daughters: Young Working Women in a Depression-Era City, 1929-1939, is coming out in November from University of Toronto Press. Here's part of what the press has to say:
As one of the most difficult periods of the twentieth century, the Great Depression left few Canadians untouched. Using more than eighty interviews with women who lived and worked in Toronto in the 1930s, Breadwinning Daughters examines the consequences of these years for women in their homes and workplaces, and in the city's court rooms and dance halls.

In this insightful account, Katrina Srigley argues that young women were central to the labour market and family economies of Depression-era Toronto. Oral histories give voice to women from a range of cultural and economic backgrounds...
In October, Dr. Françoise Noël's Family and Community Life in Northeastern Ontario: The Interwar Years, her fourth book, will be published by McGill-Queens University Press. Their site doesn't yet have the great cover up, but they do have this punchy blurb:
How people lived, played, and celebrated when radio was new, dance bands the rage, and Quintland the place to visit.
Congratulations to both authors for their contribution to the History Department's record of productivity.