Saturday, March 21, 2009

A note on spring and summer courses

Dr. Mark Crane reminds us:
Courses with insufficient enrollment will be canceled in early April -- thus students who wait until the last minute to register may find that their course was canceled in April. Registering promptly (by April 3) is the surest way to ensure the course will run.

On Campus Courses:

HIST 1405: History of Canada (6 credits, May-June) Greg Stott
HIST 2155: Early Modern Europe (6 credits, May-June) Mark Crane
HIST 3716: Russian History to 1917(3 credits, May) Steve Connor
HIST 3717: Russian History, 1917-1991 (3 credits, June) Steve Connor

Distance Education:

HIST 2105: History of Medieval Europe (6 credits, May-July) Mark Crane
HIST 3426: England 1460-1560 (3 credits, May-July) Derek Neal